Dear Friends,

We all know it’s not good enough to have a good story.  That story needs to be told and re-told.  If it isn’t, people will stop caring, important things will be lost, and we will wish we did more to save them.

Late last year, that lesson was dramatically reinforced.  When our court-based Law Help centres were on the cusp of closing due to lack of funding, the legal profession raised its voice.  The voices got louder and the noise turned into financial support.  And then, in an act of breathtaking leadership, the Federal Department of Justice listened to the voices and provided the rest of the funding needed to save the Law Help centers for a year.

We cannot lurch from one crisis to another.  To keep providing you with the pro bono opportunities you value, we will need you – the Voices of Pro Bono – again and again.

The issue of the moment is the 2019 Law Society Bencher elections, to be held on April 30. Access to justice is the most important issue in the campaign. We need and deserve Benchers who will champion a simple principle: the best way for the Law Society to fulfill its duty to facilitate access to justice is to ensure sustainable funding for effective pro bono programs. You can help make this happen by running for Bencher, talking to candidates, and voting for those who support this priority.

This website will help you find your voice.  To get your juices flowing, Hear Some Voices that have already been raised.  To stay current, have a look at our Media.  To help with the Bencher campaign, take a look at our Issue of the Day page, where you’ll find our position on the issues that matter to us, essential background information, and tools for running and engaging candidates.  To express yourself with your own financial contribution, please visit our Donate page.

Thank you for your support.  Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions.





Lynn Burns

Executive Director