Dear Friends,

It’s time to #InvestInJustice.

Since Pro Bono Ontario was founded in 2001, it has matured from an infant operation into a pillar of our justice system. It has done this by harnessing the extraordinary talent and dedication of the legal profession. The profession has turned that noble phrase, pro bono publico, into remarkable action. Because of our volunteer support, we now serve 30,000 clients each year. It is now axiomatic that organized pro bono is a fundamental part of our overall legal services delivery system. Without it, access to justice will remain an empty ideal.

Despite this inspiring evolution, we face a fundamental dilemma: everyone seems to value organized pro bono programs, but nobody has stepped up to say it is their responsibility to support them. This dynamic has forced PBO to hang by a thread for several years, and to come perilously close to ending award-winning programs that thousands of disadvantaged Ontarians rely on. With your help, we averted that catastrophe last year. With your help, we now need to avoid another crisis and sow the seeds of a real solution – one that will sustain the pro bono programs you value.

While a long-term investment is critical, we must begin with a short-term infusion. By the end of the year, PBO needs $485,000 to keep all its doors open. Let’s remember who comes through those doors: seniors who are victimized by consumer scams; precariously employed workers who are afraid of losing their livelihood; tenants who are scraping by and facing eviction; parents who aren’t getting the income support they need while caring for a sick child; kids who are being relentlessly bullied at school. These people are vulnerable, they do not have the money to get basic legal support, and they have nowhere else to turn. To understand their need for pro bono, please listen to their voices.

To learn more about our #InvestInJustice campaign, please click here. To make your own contribution, please visit our Donate page.

Thank you for your support.  Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions.





Lynn Burns

Executive Director