PBO is privileged to help tens of thousands of people every year who have nowhere else to turn.  Along with our volunteers, we are lucky to receive their gratitude.  Behind that gratitude is a critical message: I needed you at a difficult time, and I need you to be there in case I need you again.  Let’s listen to the public.

I am dismayed that Pro Bono may close due to lack of funding.  What you do is too important to let that happen.  People simply don’t understand the complexities of the legal system and to be able to have someone answer questions and communicate in plain English is priceless (and almost certainly cost and time saving for all involved).

I was stunned with the accessibility, willingness and genuine care of the individuals (professionals and administration) staff. In a difficult industry where emotions run high and often reason takes a back seat, it was amazing to be faced with caring and knowledgeable staff. Absolutely amazing work, thank you all.

I came in and needed help I was lost with no direction. The staff helped me understand what needed to be done for my situation. They helped me understand my situation and helped me get the information I needed so that I understood the process and understanding my documents. They treated me like a real person and my situation had value. They helped me when I didn’t know where to turn to and treated me as an equal. Lucky to have had this opportunity and get the help I need.

My issue related to a poorly worded employment contract. The professional carefully explained to me what it said, and proposed the addition of 1 line that fixed the document. My employer later agreed to hire my under the modified document. I am happily working there now!

There is a company that got my husband to sign contracts when he was at an unfair disadvantage and is fraudulently billing us for equipment that we do not have. Both of us are unemployed and PBO helped me to understand the options and to write a rescission letter to this company. Though the case is not yet resolved, PBO was really helpful and we’re so grateful to them.

I was facing an unfair eviction, the staff and legal professionals I spoke with gave me excellent and prompt service. It was a very tight deadline, so they helped me above and beyond normal service, in all ways possible, for me to represent myself and have the eviction stayed pending review. I am grateful to them for their understanding and compassion in my case. Thank you.

The lawyer I dealt with was very compassionate and listened to my problem. The advice given was clear and concise. The lawyer was very professional. This was an extremely positive experience for me.

If not for PBO, I, a retired person on limited income, would be lost in the legal world of laws and regulations.

After spending many fruitless hours on the phone over the course of 4 months disputing a bill with a company, I got in touch with PBO. The letter that they drafted for me got the desired results in 4 days. The situation is now resolved in my favour.

Even though my case is still in process, I would like to highlight the fact that the volunteer lawyer that assisted me was able to provide assertive recommendations for a complex situation and did it in a very empathetic, respectful, and professional way. I am very grateful for the support.

I came to PBO looking for some initial advice on next steps I should take when I was served with papers. The lawyers I spoke with provided me with straightforward advice, helped to clarify the legal situation I was in, and provided a level of reassurance about my situation that made the experience much less stressful. In my case, they were able to provide template documents that allowed me to file the proper documents quickly and confidently. Overall, I had a very positive experience with PBO. While I hope nobody ever finds themselves in a situation where they need to call upon PBO’s resources, I am very happy that a service of this quality is available to residents of Ontario. The staff who offer their services to PBO should be very proud of the work they do.

I am injured and poor. The volunteer answered all my questions and told me my rights and the laws as applied to my request. I did what she suggested and problem solved with no problems. The very absolute best help. Thank you.

I am still in the claims process but the services I have received so far from Pro Bono are satisfying and professional. The waiting time sometimes takes long but I can fully understand as the volunteers are patient and trying to help as much as they can. It is a really good place and I will definitely recommend to everyone in need.

I was having some trouble with a consumer protection issue and PBO helped me understand my rights and responsibilities with regards to my situation. They also helped me craft a very impressive letter, without which I would not have been able to communicate my concerns in the proper, legal, terminology.

I’m very grateful that organizations like this exist. It is nice to know when you need it the most, there are kind people that will help you.

It was very encouraging to know that I was on the right track with the efforts I had made on my own. Speaking to the volunteer boosted my confidence and he also equipped me to deal with what is coming next.  I would highly recommend this service and will most likely use it again.  Thank you.

The advice I received was extremely valuable. I had no understanding of Small Claims Court procedures and was guided to a fairly thorough grasp (at least for my immediate needs) of what I had to do and expect. I am most appreciative.

The lawyers at Pro Bono were very kind and helpful in my experience I had with them. I got off the phone feeling confident about my case.

The lawyers helping me were amazing. Very patient and understanding, I never felt awkward or out of place speaking to them because I felt as thought they truly wanted to help. An amazing service, and very genuine people volunteering there. The lawyer was so sweet, he even said “Good luck and hope all goes well” at the end of our conversation. Little things like that made me extremely happy!

The Law Help Centre located at 393 University Avenue assisted me with my matter over the past two years. I would like to thank Pro Bono Ontario and the volunteer lawyers who gave me such valuable advice and assisted me in the completion and submission of all documentation. This brought my case to a successful conclusion in January of 2019.